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As we embark on a new soccer season, we want to give you an idea of what to expect for each age group.  The following outlines some of the rules of the game play as well as general skills that you can anticipate your child’s coach working on this season.


Game time

  • Game time is played 3 per side, no goalie
  • Size 3 balls are used
  • Line changes every 2-3 minutes, on the fly, when the ball goes out or team scores
  • New Ball is introduced when the ball goes outside the field.  No throw or kick-ins
  • No offsides
  • Penalties at this age are accidental, play continues


Practice time

  • The entire focus of these age groups is to encourage players to touch the ball.  Drills will center around games designed to maximize all children handling the ball
  • Children at this age rarely grasp passing, simply developing a love of the game is the goal
  • Parents are encouraged to lend a hand with drills, as the players can easily lose focus!



Game time

  • 4 players to a side, with the last person back acting as a Sweeper Keeper
  • A sweeper keeper may use their hands in the goal box
  • Introduction to the diamond shape
  • No off sides
  • Throw ins are used
  • Rotation of lines is done every 2-3 minutes
  • Size 3 balls are used


Practice time

              -Building an enjoyment and passion for the game

             - Passing and receiving skills are introduced

             - Drills focus on movement with and without the ball



Game time

  • 7 players per side, including a designated goalie
  • Goalie position is rotated amongst all the players throughout the season
  • No offsides
  • Size 4 balls are used
  • Throw ins are used
  • Passing and other, team oriented skills are fostered
  • Mini-Refs may also participate as they learn to officiate


Practice time

  • Individual techniques such as dribbling, heading, catching and shooting become an integral part of every practice session
  • Group skills such as playing a position, strategy and on the fly decision making are incorporated into the drills at this level

Practice/game breakdown

Every Monday and Wednesday session is broken down in the same fashion.  We start with a warm-up and drills, then carry on into a game with an opposing squad.  Practices take place on the same field each day and games follow a schedule provided to the coaches.  It is important to be on time, out of respect for the coach who is putting time into running an effective practice, as well as for the other team.   Here is a breakdown of the sessions:


6:30 -  Start of warm up and drills

6:50 - end of drills, move to opponent field or prepare own field for game

6:55- start of first half of game

7:10 - water break

7:15 - start of second half of game

7:30 - end of game, clean up of gear



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